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Refine your senses and discover Tuscan delicacies

“Flavors of Tuscany” is the tastiest way to learn all the secrets of typical Tuscan foods: where they originate and how they are produced and why they are so delicious!

Marco e Alice will guide you through the tasting while you try an exquisite selection of artisan, organic specialties, all hailing from excellent Tuscan producers.

You will also try out an interesting pairing with “our” Chianti Classico and learn some of the basic rules for choosing the right wine with the right food. Your palate will thank you!

What we will taste…

Tuscan Salami
Tuscan Pecorino Cheese
Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 glass of Chianti Classico red wine

Topic Pie

Why choose this lesson…

It will teach you rules and tricks to identify true quality of the product that you eat.

You will discover Tuscany’s true flavors: the best typical gastronomy and some special delicatessen that you would hardly have the opportunity to taste elsewhere.

You will be able to defend yourself from “fake gourmet” and it will make you fall in love with real excellence!

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