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Understand wine…through play!

If you love wine but don’t think you understand anything about it, this is your opportunity to discover that it’s not true! Immerse yourself in your senses and let yourself be transported by your imagination; experience a new and captivating way of tasting.

Marco and Alice will guide you through a “blind” tasting of great Tuscan wines, without getting side-tracked by bizarre fragrances and boring technicalities.

You will describe wine as a season, a landscape or an animal while using the Wine Lovers Academy “board-game” to compile your wine tasting notes.

When you reveal what you have been tasting you will realize how simple it is to understand wine. Let the challenge begin: who will guess what their glass is going to tell them?

What we will taste…

We will begin by “warming up” your perceptions with a sensory workshop developed by Wine Lovers Academy.

We will then analyze 2 Tuscan red wines with different characteristics.

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Why choose this lesson…

You will discover that tasting wine can be more enjoyable than simply drinking it.

You can play with senses and reveal your hidden talent as a true taster.

You will learn a new way to “stay on the glass“, playful and affordable for everyone, to experience and share with your Wine Lovers friends.

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