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Are you traveling with a group of 6 or more people? Do you want to organize a “wine” stag/hen party? Would you like to involve your colleagues or employees in a Wine-Team-Building experience in the heart of Chianti?

The Wine Lovers Academy Tasting Room is waiting just for you!

Discover our WORKSHOPS EXPERIENCE and book your favorite now!
For information, quotes and reservations: info@wineloversacademy.com – +39055 2698076


  • 1 hour of guided tasting with VIDEO presentation

  • from 6 to 25 people

  • 8 Tastings of Tuscan specialities

  • 1 glass of Chianti Classico

Flavors of Tuscany is the tastiest way to explore all the secrets of Tuscan gastronomic specialities: where they originate, how they are made and why they are so delicious!

I will guide you through the tasting of an exquisite selection of artisanal and organic specialities, all produced by farmers that I know and have chosen personally.

In addition to the pleasure of tasting, you will discover some simple rules to recognize the quality of what you are eating.


  • 1 hour of guided tasting with VIDEO presentation

  • from 6 to 25 people

  • 1 glass of white wine, 2 glasses of red wine

  • 3 combinations with Tuscan specialities

A “taste” of Tuscan history and culture, through the pleasure of sampling its great wines: starting with the traditional Tuscan white Vernaccia di San Gimignano, then the local Chianti Classico, and finally the international taste of Bolgheri wine … all in one experience!
I will guide you on a taste-journey through ancient cities, great characters, adventures, and curiosities, during which you will understand the origins of the greatest Tuscan wines.
Not only wine! We will also discover the art of pairings: we will experience three pairings with local specialities, and I will suggest some really amazing ones.
(Vegetarian option avalable)


  • 60 minutes of a wine tasting-game

  • In english or italian language

  • 2 glasses of Tuscan red wine, medium price range

  • Sensory Training with our Aromas Kit

Our Wine Sensory Game is the perfect experience for a group of friends, stag/hen party, or team-building.
We developed this experience with the aim of creating an uncomplicated and enjoyable method that allows anyone to describe, and therefore understand, the wine’s characteristics.
You will learn how to combine your senses with the power of the imagination, learning to describe wines, not as a cold list of technical characteristics, but as fascinating stories.
We begin with “Sensory Training”, which teaches you to trust in your own olfactory sense.
Then we will taste and analyze two different Tuscan wines, but without any initial description of them (blind tasting technique).
Instead, I will guide you through the sensory analysis, teaching you our alternative method that allows you to describe the wine as if it were a “Season,” a “Place” and an “Animal.”
For instance, a complex fruity and spicy bouquet can be described as a “late summer sunset,” while delicate floral aromas become a “spring afternoon”.
We continue building the description of the wine with this metaphors game, thus creating your own “Wine Story” that you will take with you, as a reminder of this unique wine experience!

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