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The Wine Lovers Academy tasting experiences are based on 3 key concepts:

Direct comparison:
we will taste two variants of the same product, different in style, price range, production characteristics.

For example, we will taste a cheap salami and a high-end one, or a wine made with modern techniques and one with traditional methods.

The direct comparison will allow you to understand, in a simple and immediate way, how different productive choices bring to big differences in taste and pleasure.

Active participation:
you will be invited to get involved in the workshops, performing sensory analysis step by step, filling out tasting sheets, expressing impressions and comparing your conclusions with those of the other participants.

Anyone can join our workshops, no special preparation or ability is required.

Blind-guided tasting:
we will analyze a product without initially knowing the type, the manufacturer or the price, to allow you to rely on your palate without conditioning and prejudices.

The teacher will guide and support you through the interpretation of your taste sensations.

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